Gretna Mayor’s Court

Paying your ticket is pleading guilty!
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Gretna Mayor's Court

Gretna Traffic Court

If you are required to go to Gretna Mayor’s Court can be an inconvenience to say the least. Most people will have to take off work or reschedule important events in order to make it to court. On occasion, you will have to go more than once if you cannot make an agreement with the district attorney. Most people don’t realize that if you hire a traffic lawyer we can go to Gretna Mayor’s Court for you.

Another thing that I see quite often is that people just pay their ticket without going to court. When you pay your ticket you are pleading guilty to the charge and it may have some implications that you might not be aware of. First is your drivers license. If you get numerous speeding tickets (for example) the DMV will suspend your license without giving you notice. A good traffic attorney will fight for ticket dismissal or reduction to a non moving violation. Second, if you get numerous speeding tickets your insurance rates may skyrocket. That is another reason to have us to go to court to get your tickets reduced to non moving violations. Non moving violations don’t affect your driving record or insurance.

Gretna Traffic Court

The date at the bottom of your ticket is your first appearance date. You or your attorney will be required to attend court on that date. If you don’t show up to court you will face contempt of court fines, and the court will likely issue an attachment for your arrest. When you go on that date you will have a chance to speak with the district attorney. If you can come to an agreement then your case will be resolved. If not you will get a new court date for your trial date. I suggest hiring an experienced traffic attorney that will fight for you so you don’t made a mistake that can really cost you. (Pleading guilty to the wrong thing can cost you big time!)

Where is the Gretna Mayor’s Court located?

The Gretna Mayor’s traffic court is located at 740 2nd St, Gretna, LA 70053. You can see it on the map below and the map can also give you directions from your current location.

Why should I hire a traffic lawyer? Can’t I just pay my ticket?

  • The problem with paying your ticket is that you are pleading guilty to a moving violation. This can affect your driving record and your insurance rates significantly. An experienced traffic lawyer will fight to get tickets dismissed or reduced to non moving violations that won’t hurt you.
  • I will go to court for you. You will not be required to go in most cases and can use your time to do what you want.
  • I will fight to get fees reduced. If you are required to pay a fee for a non moving violation or contempt of court I will try to get the fees reduced as much as possible.