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First Parish Court Metairie Louisiana

If you have received a traffic ticket and have court in Metairie Louisiana here is some information that will be very helpful to you. Many people don’t take traffic tickets seriously by ignoring them and not going to court. Ignoring your court date can have long term effects on your driving record, driving license, and possibly your freedom.

Why should you hire a traffic Lawyer for Metairie traffic court?

There are many reasons to hire a traffic lawyer to handle you tickets. The first and most important reason is that we will fight to protect your driving privileges and your insurance. Our main goal is for dismissal but many times we can get serious traffic violations reduced to non moving violations like expired MVI or equipment violations that will not affect your insurance rates. We know the law and pleading guilty to the wrong violation can cost you a year without your drivers license.

The second reason is that we save you time. First parish court in Metairie requires two appearances. Which means you will have to go on the date of your ticket for your arraignment. That is when you plead guilty or not guilty. Then you will be given a trial date. You will be required to go to that hearing to resolve your case by either working it out with the district attorney, pleading guilty, or by having a trial. If you hire a traffic lawyer we handle all of the court appearances and you will not be required to go. Even if you ticket says mandatory appearance.

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What happens if I just pay my ticket and move on?

If you pay the ticket without a hearing you are pleading guilty to that violation. There can be many adverse effects by blindly pleading guilty such as the affect to your insurance rates that could sky rocket, you could lose your drivers license, you could incur very high fees for that ticket that could have been reduced. That is why you need to trust someone that knows the law and will fight for you.

What happens if I just ignore my ticket and don’t go to First Parish court?

This is the worst thing that you can do! You will have an attachment for your arrest issued immediately if you dont show up to court. You will also have contempt of court costs added to your violations which start at $100. You can also have your drivers license suspended for not showing up. If you can’t make court hire an attorney to go for you. In Louisiana all traffic matters can normally be handled by an attorney without the client present.

Where is the Metairie Traffic Court located? (First Parish Court)

First parish court is located at 924 David Dr, Metairie, LA 70003. See map below for details and directions.