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Paying a ticket can increase your insurance rates for years!
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Going to New Orleans traffic court can be frustrating to say the least. Most of the time one ticket will require you to come to traffic court at least two separate occasions. Most people will have to take off of work in order to deal with these tickets. That is very inconvenient for most people and just plain sucks. That is one of the benefits of hiring a traffic lawyer. We will go to court for you and save your valuable time!

Most people believe that they just want to get the ticket over with and pay it. This is a mistake because when you pay a ticket you are pleading guilty. This can cause your insurance rates to go up for an extended period of time.

Municipal Court New Orleans

New Orleans Traffic Court

New Orleans Municipal Traffic Court


When you look at your ticket at the bottom there will be an appearance date. That is the date of your arraignment. On that date you will either go and plead guilty or request a trial date. In New Orleans you can always go before the date on the ticket to get your trial date. I would suggest calling the New Orleans municipal clerk of court to see if your ticket has been accepted before going early. If the ticket is in the system then it is accepted and you can go and get your trial date.

On your trial date you will have an opportunity to speak with the assistant district attorney and possibly negotiate a resolution. If you cannot agree then you will have to go to trial. You will most likely be given another trial date for the actual trial. These issues can get complicated that is why you need a traffic lawyer New Orleans to fight for you.

Where is the New Orleans Traffic Court located?

The New Orleans municipal traffic court has moved and is not on South Broad street right now due to renovations. The court is now located at 1601 Perdido St, New Orleans, LA 70112. It is located in the old Veterans Affairs building.

Why should you hire a traffic lawyer instead of paying the ticket?

  •  If you pay the ticket you are pleading guilty! (Your insurance rates can go up!)
  • Traffic lawyers will work to get your ticket dismissed or reduced to a non moving violation. This is important because it won’t affect your insurance if you plead guilty to a non moving violation.
  •  Many times traffic lawyers can get fees reduced.
  • We save your valuable time and go to court for you. Most of the time you don’t have to go to court.