Plaquemines Parish Traffic Court

Paying a ticket can hurt your driving record and insurance!
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If you have a traffic ticket in Plaquemines parish traffic court it can be very frustrating. Unless you live in Pointe à la Hache (location of the court house) it will take you at least an hour to get down there to court from anywhere. Most people don’t know that if you hire an attorney they can go for you to court. This is a huge benefit for people that can’t get off work and that don’t have the time to go to court.

There are two things that frustrate me. First, people that just pay their ticket without going to court. Paying your ticket is the same as pleading guilty and will hurt your driving record and can cause your insurance rates to increase. The other is people that go to court just to plead guilty to the ticket with the same result as paying the ticket without going. A good traffic attorney will fight to get your ticket dismissed or reduced to a non moving violation. If you need help in Plaquemines Parish Traffic Court please give me a call I would love to represent you and handle this matter on your behalf.

If you need help with your ticket please give me a call at (504) 547-7776 for a 100% free consultation.

25th JDC traffic court

25th JDC Traffic Court

Plaquemines Parish Traffic Court

When you look at the bottom of your ticket you will see your court date. That is the date that you or your lawyer will have to attend. That is your arraignment date where you go go and plead guilty or not guilty. Depending on the docket size the district attorney may have the time to speak with you to resolve your matter. Many times you will just get a trial date. On that date you will have to come back and either work out a deal with the district attorney or have a trial.

If you don’t come to court you can face contempt of court fees and the judge will put an attachment out for your arrest. Never skip court and take these matters seriously to avoid ending up in jail.

Where is the Plaquemines parish traffic court located?

The Plaquemines parish traffic court is located at 18055 Hwy 15, Pointe à la Hache, LA 70082. You can see the location on the map below and it will give you directions from your current location.

Why should you hire a traffic lawyer in Plaquemines Parish?

  • One huge reason is that I can go to court for you. That will save you a day or two of work and or important events that you had scheduled.
  • The next reason is I will fight to have your tickets dismissed or reduced to non moving violations. I have a very good track record of resolving these issues in even the most serious cases. Each case is different but I will help you get a great outcome for your situation.
  • If you have fees to pay from the court I will fight to get them suspended or reduced as much as possible.