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Paying a ticket can hurt your driving record and insurance rates!
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Do you have a ticket at St. Tammany parish traffic court? If so going to court can really be a time consuming task which is very frustrating to most people. Not only will you be required to go but normally it will take all day due to large dockets. This is hard for most people because they will have to take off work or miss important events in order to attend court. That is one very good reason to hire an attorney. Most people don’t realize that attorneys can go for you and you will not be required to attend court.

One thing I see that frustrates me is that many times people go to court and they plead guilty or they just pay the ticket without going to court. When you pay your ticket you are pleading guilty and that can have a huge effect on your driving record and your insurance rates. Pleading guilty to too many speeding tickets can cause your license to get suspended and make your insurance rates increase. When you hire an attorney I will go to court and fight for a dismissal or a reduction to non moving violation. These types of violations will not hurt your driving or insurance record. If you need help at St. Tammany Parish Traffic Court call me today for a free consultation.

Covington Traffic Court

St. Tammany Parish Traffic Court

When you look at your ticket there will be a court appearance date at the bottom of the ticket. That is your arraignment date. When you go to court on that date you can plead guilty or not guilty and sometimes the district attorney will try to resolve it on that date. If you plead not guilty you will be given a trial date. On that date you can try to resolve with the district attorney or you can have your trial. If you want a trial you may be given a third date at the request of the district attorney just for your trial depending on the size of the docket.

If you need help with your traffic tickets please give me a call at (504) 547-7776 for a free consultation. Don’t risk your driving record and insurance rates one small mistake can cost you for years to come.

Where is the St. Tammany Parish Traffic Court located?

The St. Tammany Parish Traffic Court is located at 701 N Columbia St, Covington, LA 70433. You can see the location on the map below and it will give you directions from your current location.

Other traffic courts in St. Tammany Parish

Why should you hire a traffic lawyer in Covington?

  • The first reason is that you will not have to go to court. For most people that will save them a day or two of missed work and dealing with missed appointments. That alone can be a huge lifesaver.
  • I will fight to get your ticket dismissed or reduced to a non moving violations. My goal is to protect your driving record and your insurance rates.
  • I will also fight to have any fines or fees reduced. If you are required to pay I will do everything I can to get the fees reduced.