Westwego Speeding Ticket

Did you receive a speeding ticket in Westwego?
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Getting a Westwego speeding ticket can happen to anyone and be very frustrating. Most people think the best thing to do is just pay the speeding ticket and get it over with. When you pay a ticket you are essentially pleading guilty and directly affecting your driving record. This in turn can increase your insurance rates every month for many years.

That is why you are better off in the long run to hire a Westwego traffic attorney to fight this ticket for you. The goal of a traffic attorney is to get the ticket dismissed or reduced to a non moving violation. If you plead guilty to a non moving violation then it doesn’t hurt your driving record. Some examples of non moving violations are expired MVI (brake tag) or equipment violation.

Where is the Westwego Mayors court located?

The Westwego Mayors court is located at 410 4th St, Westwego, LA 70094.

Why should you hire a Westwego traffic lawyer instead of paying the ticket?

  • We go to court for you! For most things we can go to court for you and you can focus on what’s important! Most people don’t realize for one ticket you may be required to go to court for 3 different dates especially if you go to trial.
  • We fight to keep moving violations off your record and keep your insurance rates low. If you plead guilty it will affect your driving record and rates will most likely increase.
  • We can also help get court fees reduced in many cases.