First Parish Court in Metairie, Jefferson Parish

Paying your ticket can increase your insurance rates!
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First Parish Court Jefferson Parish

Going to first parish court for a ticket can be very inconvenient for most people because you will have to go at least two times. For many people that means having to take a day off work or getting someone to watch your kids. That is one important reason to hire a traffic lawyer because we can go in your place and save your time and you can focus on more important matters.

Many people think the best course of action is to pay a ticket and get it over with. That is a huge mistake. When you pay a ticket you are pleading guilty to a moving violation. That in turn can increase your insurance rates for years. A traffic attorney will work to get tickets dismissed or reduced to non moving violations. This is done to protect your driving record and to keep insurance rates low.

1st Parish Court Jefferson Parish

At the bottom of your ticket you will see a mandatory court appearance date. That is the date of your arraignment. Your arraignment date is when you go and plead guilty or not guilty. Then after pleading not guilty you will be given a trial date. Then finally on that date you will have the opportunity to speak with the district attorney to possible resolve your situation.

If you want to go early and get a trial date you should call the first parish clerk of court and find out of your ticket has been accepted. “Accepted” means the court has a record of your ticket. If it has been accepted then you can go early and set it for trial. When you got to your trial date if you cannot reach an agreement with the district attorney you will have to actually go to trial. It is possible you will be given a third court date that you must attend for your trial. You can see that hiring a traffic lawyer can make things much more convenient.

Why is it important to hire a traffic lawyer instead of just paying your ticket.

  •  Paying your ticket is the same as a guilty plea! (This can cause your insurance rates to go up.)
  • The main goal of a traffic lawyer is to get your ticket dismissed or reduced from a moving violation to a non moving violation. This will protect your driving record and keep your insurance rates low.
  •  Also many times we can help reduce court costs and fees.
  • We go to court for you. In some cases you may have to go to court multiple times in order to resolve a ticket. We take that burden from you and handle it on your behalf.