How to pay your ticket at First Parish Court

You have several options to pay your traffic ticket at First Parish Court. I always suggest that you contact us to let us fight your ticket instead of just paying it. When you pay your ticket it is the same as pleading guilty and can cause your insurance rates to increase and damage your driving record. In some cases your license can be suspended! Call me at (504) 547-7776 for a free consultation, and let me help you fight your tickets.

  1. Pay it in person: If you are in the neighborhood you can stop by the courthouse and make your payment in person. First parish court is located at 924 David Drive in Metairie, Louisiana 70003. You can click here for directions.
  2. Pay Online: You can click here to pay your ticket online.
  3. Payments via mail: You can mail in your payment to 924 David Drive in Metairie, Louisiana 70003. Payment types accepted are money order or certified check.