What happens if you miss traffic court in New Orleans?

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What happens if you miss traffic court in New Orleans? First of all we never suggest that anyone skip their court date. You should always take any court appearance seriously. We understand that missing a court date is something that can happen to anyone. At the bottom of your ticket you will usually find a court date. That is your arraignment date and if you don’t appear or you don’t have any attorney appear on your behalf then you will face the following consequences.

If you have missed New Orleans traffic court you will be held in contempt of court for failure to appear. You will have to pay at least a $50-100 contempt of court fee, your drivers license can be suspended, and the judge will likely issue an attachment for your arrest.

So you can see how a very small issue can blow up into something that can affect your life on a huge scale. That is one big reason of why you should hire a traffic attorney to represent you in court. Most of the time you won’t be required to go and we can handle everything for you.

So to recap you can expect the following to happen if you miss court:

  1. Attachment for your arrest: Most people never know they have any attachment until they get pulled over and put in jail in order to answer for not showing up for the traffic ticket. Imagine if you are pulled over on a Friday and arrested you likely will not get to bond out until Monday.
  2. Contempt of court fine: You will have a contempt of court fine that you will eventually have to pay or if you have a valid reason for missing court the judge has the discretion of dismissing it.
  3. Suspension of your drivers license: If you miss court you can expect for your drivers license to be suspended. That is why you should handle any miss court dates as soon as you an to avoid having your license suspended. If you license is suspended you will have to pay additional reinstatement fees with the DMV to get it back after you have handled all of your issues in court.