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Do you have a ticket at Westwego Traffic Court? If so you may need a Westwego traffic lawyer. Going to court can be very frustrating and inconvenient because you will have to reschedule your plans. For many people they will have to miss work or get a babysitter to watch their kids. Most people don’t know if you hire an attorney they can go for you to court to save your time. If you don’t go to court then you will face contempt of court fees and the judge will likely issue an attachment for your arrest.

Also, don’t just pay your ticket or plead guilty. People don’t realize that if you pay your ticket without going to court it’s the same as pleading guilty. If you plead guilty you can influence your driving record and possible increase your insurance rates. Let an experienced traffic lawyer go to court for you and fight for your driving record and to protect your insurance. If you need help at Westwego Traffic Court please give me a call today for a free consultation.

Westwego Mayor’s Court

Westwego Mayor's Court

Westwego Traffic Courthouse

At the bottom of your ticket you will see a court date. That is your arraignment date. You or your attorney will be required to go to court on that date. You will likely have a chance to speak with the district attorney and if you cannot work out something then you will get a new court date for your trial. So it is possible to have to come to court for multiple appearances for one ticket.

If you need help to fight your tickets please call me at (504) 547-7776 for a free consultation. No matter how old or new your tickets are I can help. Although many people get a Westwego speeding ticket we can fight any type of traffic ticket or violation. We will fight for ticket dismissal, reduction to non moving violations, and reduction of fines.

Where is the Westwego courthouse located?

The Westwego Mayors court is located at 410 4th St, Westwego, LA 70094. You can see the location below on the map and you can also get directions to the court house from your current location.

Why should you hire a lawyer for Westwego Court?

  • The first important reason to hire an attorney for westwego traffic court is that you will not have to go. You can get your time back and do the things that are important to you. Let me go to court for you and save your time.
  • The second reason is that I will fight to get your ticket dismissed or reduced to a non moving violation. I will fight to protect your drivers license and your insurance rates. One mistake could be an increase of hundreds of dollars per month or more.
  • Third, I will fight to get any fines reduced or waived if we cannot get the ticket dismissed.

Have questions about your ticket?

If you have any questions regarding your ticket and or the date you need to attend court you can call the Westwego clerk of court at (504) 340-3968.